Greenman Group Future Food Retail Awards

For the first time, the Greenman Group seeks applications for Growing Further, an awards programme that will identify, recognise and reward companies whose goal it is to positively impact the grocery retail supply chain. Growing Further focuses on the entire supply chain from production to waste management to promote a sustainable future for the grocery retail industry.

Production & Packaging, Distribution, Retail, Waste Reduction

If your idea, product or service is related to any of the above categories and you would like to participate please follow the steps below.
We look forward to Growing Further with you!


With ten closely aligned businesses located across six nations, the Greenman Group is rooted in the grocery real estate sector with the Group’s funds owning grocery real estate worth c. €1.35 billion across France, Germany, and Poland. Over the last years, the strategic focus has shifted towards sustainable practices and innovation.

In response to evolving retail systems and environmental concerns, the Group has committed to meet Paris-aligned net-zero targets and its flagship fund Greenman OPEN is the largest Art. 9 real estate fund on the market. Embracing a proactive approach, the Group diversified into tech-enabled ventures, including a large-scale vertical farm, a renewable energy utility, and pilot projects in carbon capture and augmented reality. Through such investments and initiatives like Growing Further, the Greenman Group aims to encourage the development of businesses that are seeking new and exciting ways of doing business in the broader grocery retail supply chain.


31st July 2023

Application process opens

8th October 2023

Closing date for receipt of applications

20th October 2023

Announcement of successful shortlist

14th-15th November 2023

Interview process opens

1st December 2023

Announcement of finalists

29th December 2023

RSVP deadline for awards event

25th January 2024

Final judging and awards event


Step 1: Self-Assessment

The awards are open to anyone with innovative businesses (from very early-stage to more developed concepts) planning to positively impact any point of the grocery-retail supply chain.

If you have not been active for more than 5 years or if you have less than 30 employees, then the award programme might be right for you!

Step 2: Application

If you would like to apply, please fill out the application form:

Step 3: Shortlisting

Our judging process will assess all applications through the lens of “Innovation, Sustainability, Usability, and Scalability”. To learn more about our judging panel and how we will assess and weight our judging criteria click here.

Step 4: Video interview process

All shortlisted companies will be asked to attend a video interview which will allow them to pitch their product to our judging panel. From this process, the judges will choose the finalist who will be invited to the final Awards Day in January.

Step 5: Awards Day

Up to three entrants for each of the four categories will go forward to our Awards Day in January 2024 in Dublin for an opportunity to pitch their business to the judges in person. The four category winners will be announced on the day. Finally, the business who scores highest on the criteria of “Innovation, Sustainability, Usability & Scalability” will be declared the overall winner.


Winners will be announced at the awards event in January 2024. Each category winner will receive €12,500 while the overall winner will receive an additional €50,000, making their total prize €62,500.